Re-empowering the Body, Mind, and Spirit

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Metaphysical Channel
Medium & Messenger
Spiritual Teacher
Life and Business Consultant
Energy Practitioner
Holistic Writer

Jennifer Bryant,
AKA Mahala Crow


One of you is functioning

~ Yet ~

There is another magnificent you within, just waiting to emerge.

If you haven’t learned how to use the extraordinary power of your mind to free yourself from self-undoing, upset, and conformity, let the Breath of Spirit empower the elixir of your soul.

Following a near death, out-of-body experience, Spirit guided Mahala through a rigorous, 13 year mindful ascension process. She now shares those awakenings helping others learn how to transmute the chaos of the mind and reawaken the elixir of well-being.

Her writing and candid expressionism take us on an intimate journey through self multiplication and projection in the effort to set free dogma and embrace the self as a light from beyond sharing great work. She has a knack for stimulating the unused areas of the mind, guiding each reader on an intimate journey through all areas of their psyche, here and beyond.

By day, Mahala is a Hair designer, Natural wellness practitioner, Spirit mediator, consultant, and all around “make it better” girl. By night, she channels her infinite muse. As a spirit conduit, her unique knowledge offers seekers infinite pathways to embrace the greatest aspects of their being while simultaneously inspiring the mystical elixir of the soul.

It is Mahala’s soulful mission to bring an end to all forms of suffering thoughts, feelings, and actions. Her passion, through writing, is to activate and emerge the extraordinary natural power that dwells within each life so all may become comfortable within their own skin, cease doing harm, and live well as an empowering example themselves.

By ascending our consciousness, we can awaken to its miraculous abilities to live the extraordinary life we are designed but, we must journey through the psyche and beyond to rejuvenate our spirit. Mahala’s books guide you through the journey of re-awakening the soul.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. I am happily in service to help reconnect you with your higher self and communicate what spirit is speaking to you directly.

Blessed Awakenings to all!