“Angels in the Woods”

“Angels in the Woods”

A magical story for children & adults

Where Magic and Mystery Take Flight



For children, adults, and even animals too ~

the world can sometimes feel like… being lost in the woods.

There are so many mysterious things you will see ~

and so many people who are different from you.

Some people may be kind and happy ~

and others may be icky and blue…

And, some people can even be a little dark and scary ~

with the things, they say and do!

But, have No Fear ~ Angels are always near! 


Honoring the Perfect Mind.

A therapeutic life guide for children and adults

Angels in the Woods is a magical journey empowering both children and adults to be true to themselves and stay just as they were made… with a child’s heart, happy, loving, and worry-free.

In these mystical woods, a magical woman guides two beautiful children through the woods helping them understand some of life’s upsetting thoughts and feelings. Along the way, the children meet many woodland friends who share their magical life secrets, helping us understand life and people a little better.

For adults, the forest family speaks a magical awakening of their very own as they are reminded how negativity, in its many forms can harm everyone in their environment. Adult readers remember that they too, were born with a child’s heart that is still alive inside.

Children (and adults) often experience fear, family upsets, identity confusion, bullying, peer pressure, death, and many other upsetting things. “Angels in the Woods” subtly address these situations in a light-hearted, deeply supportive manner by re-enforcing the positive mind.

As one’s very own book of life, “Angels in the Woods” continues to help guide the reader as they grow and mature.

There is also a drawing and coloring section in the book helping one visually identify with the magical words spoken by each character.

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* “Beautiful. Such a beautifully written story for children, teens, everyone. The imagery comes alive in your mind’s eye.

* “This book would make a wonderful movie!”

* “Every child will grow and blossom from the lessons in this book. What a great story to teach an important lesson to children of all ages. Get this book for your children, grandchildren, neighborhood children and students.”

* “My husband and I both read this wonderfully calm and beautifully written book for children. We both believe everyone would gain great insight from reading it. The book gives children a terrific sense of self-worth of “I am me and I am okay” insight. Every parent should take the time and read along with their child, moments to be treasured forever.

* “Every child is an earth angel and this book enforces this belief.”

 Writing Style

There is a unique writing style to the book termed “Capucheal dialogue” This is an ancient form of writing that speaks the language of the soul which activates the inner knowing sensory system. When speaking is paused, the reader is able to contemplate and inwardly and reflect upon their own connectivity. In this, the reader journeys to the depths of their inner knowing, sensory system, and ultimately, their true self.


“Oh, Children, and adults… short and tall and large and small…
won’t you come enjoy a walk in the woods?!

It’s where forest friends and Angels share secrets about life and happiness, after all.

Come, feel the woods light up with angel dust –
and watch trees, rocks, waterfalls, and caves magically come alive.
Let the mysterious sights and sounds of the woods move you inside!

Let’s take an adventure together, to a place where fairies and mystical things fly.
You will see just how wonderful you are ~
and how being happy, loving, and kind is just the way we are meant to be!”


Chapter One – Rocks and Tree Tops

Chapter Two – Just Wondering about Life

Chapter Three – Into the Wise Woods

                               The Ryan Earthworms

                               The Floaty Things

Chapter Four – The Shadow Dancers

                             The Shadows

Chapter Five – Forest Lights

                            The Makaiya Ladybugs

Chapter Six – The Woods Come Alive

                          The Jessica Fairies

                          The Brooklyn Bunnies

                          The Payton Flowers

                          The Jacob Glow-worms

Chapter Seven – Wishes and Mysteries and Life Secrets

                                The Miranda Doves

                                The Jonah Honey Bees

Chapter Eight – The Magical Women of the Forest

                               The Allison Raccoons

                               The Emily Foxes

Chapter Nine – A Basket Full of Secrets

                            The Aaliyah Butterflies

                            The Vanessa Ruby Phoenix

                            The Todderic Turkeys

                            The Adamcarl Owl

Chapter Ten – A Universe of Memory Dust

                           The Sophia Deer

                           Lauralisa Mother Universe

                           The Shawnshawn Squirrels

                           The Angel Dog Doodlekobe

Chapter Eleven – The Spirit Keepers

                          The Earth Spirit Geri

                          The Air Spirit Jennifer

                          The Water Spirit Samantha

                          The Fire Spirit Faith

                          The Mighty Wizard Mitch

Chapter Twelve – The Super Angels

                          The Archangel Raphael

                          The Archangel Gabreal

                          The Archangel Ureal

                          The Archangel Michael

Chapter Thirteen – We Bid the Farewell

Drawing and Coloring Forest Friends

Animal Messengers

Sample Pages


This magical story brings the magic and mystery of Forest friends

and some pretty cool Angels too –

who all come to help you remember…

how not to feel Icky and blue.

They want you to stay just the way you were born…

Happy, Loving and Unafraid!

After all, if everyone in the world stayed wise, happy, and loving –

no one would ever be afraid!


Being afraid and unhappy is quite silly you see – becaaaause…

When we are feeling unhappy, afraid, icky and blue

we only feel that way – because we are believing that it is true!


But, we don’t have to feel that way ~ if we just remember that...

There are Angels all around!

Some of them may even be dressed up like people!

~And you never know… which person or animal might actually be an Angel in disguise!

In this story – you will learn many wise secrets about life and people.

You will meet a magical woman of the forest –

and the wisest critters you ever did see…

They all come out to share magical secrets –

to help you understand how life is really meant to be!


With the magical woman and her fairy dust – flying all around –

the mighty forest comes alive… to help you learn to thrive.

~ And ~ the cuuuutest little forest friends gather from afar –

to show you just how wonderful and smart, you really are!


Oh yes, of course! There is a magical Wizard too –

who puts on quite a show too –

helping you come to know the magic you have inside…

So you don’t ever feel that you need to hide.

There is magic in these woods!

Oh, My! Won’t you come to know…

things are not always as you think they are, you see.

~ And there are Super Archangels who share their magical power too!

teaching how to stay strong, happy, and loving – just as you already are!

They all come together to show you how you shine in life… like a beautiful star!

So set yourselves to ready.

Let’s take a journey through the woods and see

just what the Angels in the Woods have to say – to you and me!

Rocks & Treetops

Whitney and Grayson were very best friends.

~ And I mean the best-est, best-est friends ever!

They were always so happy, kind, and loving with each other.

They were never mean – and they never got mad at each other –

because they just looooved being together.


They especially loved playing outside – exploring the earth and nature.

So – every day after school… they would walk down to the river.

They would just go walking around – searching for cool things like…

Rocks… and trees… cool looking bugs, and stuff like that.


Whitney loved looking for rocks –

especially the ones that had lots of lines, colors, and different shapes.

She loved how the rocks felt in her hand – and how they smelled like the earth.

She especially loved how the rocks would feel cold at first –

but then, they would get hot as they shared the heat from her body.

She felt that the rocks could feel her –

like they were one together… like a part of each other.


Now, Grayson loved climbing trees – And the higher the tree, the better!

He would climb high into a great big tree –

and just sit up there looking at the sky – while thinking about life things.

He loved the way he felt when he was close to the sky.

With the wind blowing – and the sun shining on his face.

It made him feel like he was part of the tree and the whole sky –

like they were one together.. like a part of each other.


Whitney thought a lot about her inside feelings –

and Grayson thought a lot about life and how things worked.

They loved talking about all kinds of things with each other –

and they often shared their “reeeeal inside” thoughts and feelings

about life… and even the upsetting things.

It didn’t matter to them –

that they sometimes thought about things differently.

They enjoyed each other anyway –

because they loved learning from each other.

Into The Woods…

Now, Whitney has always wanted to go into the forest.

She always felt inside of herself – there was something…

something very magical and special in there.

Maybe because she figured there would be –

really special rocks in the woods…

And great big huge trees for Grayson to climb.


But, today – she had a deeper inside feeling –

there was something very special waiting for them.

~And who knows?…

Maybe an adventure in the woods –

would give them answers to their questions about life and people.

She did, after all, find a very special rock with Angel wings on it!

Plus ~ they just met a hundred talking earthworms…

telling them about Angels – and wisdom – and special things.

So it just had to be magical!


Whitney said, “Grayson, it’s a sign!… It’s a sign I tell you!

It’s a sign that there are great things in those woods!

~And maybe we will even meet real live Angels too!”


Grayson knew that Whitney reeeaaally wanted to go into the woods –

because she always, always, always does.

Normally, Grayson always talks her out of it though.

But – today is different.

They were older now – and – they were together.

But, most importantly… they had some pretty important life questions –

they wanted to find answers to.

Plus, how bad could it the woods really be?!


Whitney said, “Graaayson… Come on, Come on, pleeeease, let’s go in!”

Grayson stood there at the edge of the woods thinking for a moment.

Then he said, “OK Whit – let’s do it!… Let’s go into the woods!”

Whitney was so excited and filled with so much joy –

she yelled out loud… “I knew today was special!… I just knew it!

It’s going to be a very special day for you too, Grayson.

You just watch and see!”


So they grabbed each other by the hand and slowly stepped into the woods.

They were both a little afraid –

just because it was a new experience for them.

~ And they didn’t really know what lived in the woods…

But – they were too excited and curious to turn around.

As they looked inside the woods – it was very dark and very quiet.

The sun wasn’t shining inside at all –

because there were so many huge trees blocking the light.

As they stepped into the woods – a bit further…

And a little bit farther… And a little bit farther…

the darker… and quieter… and creepier… it became.

Whitney and Grayson began to hear some very strange sounds –

moving through the forest.

Sounds they had never heard before.

These sounds are not like the sounds they’ve heard in the out-world.


The Super Archangels…

Everyone stood intrigued – in front of the mysterious cave –

admiring its beauty and secrecy.

It is very dark and silent inside –

but, the plants that are around the cave are bright and full of life.

They are gently swaying back and forth –

and they are all sparkling with the most beautiful purple light.


Together – the Magical Woman and the Wizard Mitch spoke into the cave –

and said… “Oh, Archangel Ureal great wings of the sky –

we ask of you – most good and high… won’t you please come forth before our eyes?”


Then ~ the dark cave flickered with a flash of light – deeeeep inside the cave.

So, Whitney and Grayson bend down to take a closer look.

They see a tiny, teensy, weensy, white light –

waaaay in the back of the black filled cave.

Then, it began to get bigger and brighter, as it moved towards them.


Then, there was a brilliant flash of light and then a violet cloud appeared.

The cloud gently floated out of the cave…

~And out of the violet cloud… Archangel Ureal appeared.

Now, this Angel had beautiful wings that were filled with –

glowing moons, planets, and shooting comets!

As Angel Ureal floated in the air – like a feather floating down a stream.

The Angel said… “My dear Whitney and Grayson…

I am the Archangel who helps you know and trust…

heavenly love and protection.

I share good wisdom so that you may know good thoughts

and know the things that are Not OK for your good growth.

Just like the animals know –

when to seek safety from harsh weather…

You have the same knowing and ability to keep yourself safe…

from the harshness of other people, and even yourself –

when you pay attention to your good wisdom.

I show you how to understand –

what is heavenly – and what is not.

Good wisdom will always speak to you inside –

and heavenly love and protection will always guide you.

Especially, in times, when you must say No –

but also, in times – when you must tell someone who is good and wise –

that someone has done harm against you.

Good wisdom and heavenly protection gives you the power –

to stand strong and unafraid of the truth.

~And it always gives you the power to know the difference between…

love that is heavenly, good, and safe for you –

and the kind of love – that is Not good for you.”


Then, Archangel Ureal’s wings opened up –

And sparkling violet Angel dust swirled all around Whitney and Grayson.

They closed their eyes… held out their arms… and began twirling –

in the violet cloud that blanketed the forest.


Whitney and Grayson felt deep heavenly love and protection –

moving deep inside of them.

It felt like the safest hug they had ever had!

~ And then Poof! … Archangel Ureal disappeared –

and the violet cloud disappeared too.


Now, Whitney and Grayson were still twirling and enjoying their safe hug –

when Archangel Ureal disappeared.

When they stopped and saw that the Angel was gone –

they didn’t feel good about it inside at all –

because they didn’t get to thank Archangel Ureal

for sharing Angel wisdom with them.


Together, Whitney and Grayson said, “Oh no, Magical Woman –

we didn’t get to thank Archangel Ureal!

No, No, we must give thanks – Oh, please call Archangel Ureal back.” …


Coloring Section…
In the back of the book there is a section where the reader may draw their own pictures of the characters. For children and adults, it’s a meditative experience that catalyzes the child heart.



Drawn by a ten year old reader