“Our Daily Wings”

“Our Daily Wings”

Holistic practices giving flight to well-being in body, mind, and spirit.



Heal the Body ~ Balance the Mind ~ Restore the Spirit.

Following a near-death, out-of-body experience, Spirit guided Mahala through a rigorous, 13-year healing and ascension process. She now shares those processes to help others learn how to triumph over challenges and illness affecting the body, mind, and spirit.

Since we inhabit a material body, we will experience upset and illness. But, illness and upset is not who we are and we don’t need to let it rob us of our life energy. We have the miraculous power to make wellness our lifestyle instead.

If you have questioned “Why is life so hard?… Why can’t I find peace?… Why don’t I receive blessings?… Why don’t I have good health?… Why don’t I feel good?” – Then question no more. If you want to learn how to feel better, think better or just “be” better, this is the book for you.

Our Daily Wings” is a holistic wellness guide giving flight to the elixir of well-being. As we journey through natural health tips, personal care ideas, wholesome daily practices, and intimate aspects of life and relationships, we stimulate the natural healing processes of the body. Here, we gain the ability to emerge into a new world of wellness, flying beyond the barriers of disenchantment. With added reflection on the life of Dr. Stephen Hawking, the content seeds hope and greater understanding that all life holds the power to go beyond the mentality of suffering.

Join Mahala on this self-empowering journey and awaken to the miracles of limitless wellness.


The Crow ~ so eloquently drawn to light senses the energies of everything as it transforms and awakens unto its aerial flight.

So too, does the human.

Through impermanence, we too navigate by energy and magnetism as our experiences transform our need to soar with wellness.

Just as the crow knows how to embrace change with legacy and beauty…
We too must emerge and embrace the same, so we may produce equal and balanced actions to support our well-being.

The crow knows its completeness is within.

Through insight and wisdom, they fly above obstacles and illusions.
We too must recognize our harmful patterns as we navigate through life.

We too ~ can reflect the same harmonious nature.

But, first… we must be brave enough to spread our wings ~

And become mindfully agile enough to soar beyond the horizon of disenchantment.


Chapter One

Chapter One Manifesting Mindfulness

Chapter Two – Environmental Practices

Chapter Three – Nutrition Practices
The Energy of Food 
Food Buddies & Medicinal Foods

Chapter Four – Bodily Issues

Chapter Five – Morning Practices – “Raising our Wings”

Chapter Six – Lunch-time Practices – “Restoring flight”

Chapter Seven – Evening Practices – “for a Magical Journey into the Night”
Healthful “Before bed” Habits
Decompression Practices
Healthful “In-Bed” Habits

Chapter Eight – Energy Balancing Practices
Aura Visualization Practice
Earth Grounding
Electromagnetic Calibration 
Grounding the Pineal Gland
Solfeggio Sound Alignment

Chapter Nine
– Symbolism

The Language of the Body
The Language of Numbers
The Language of the Moon Phases

Chapter Ten – Ascending Consciousness

Dimensional Consciousness

Chapter Eleven – “Being”
Cellular Consciousness 
Cellular Perfection, the eight original cells


Lakai Prophecy

The Light Re-awakens


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Now, since we do inhabit a material body, there will always be sickness and medical issues to deal with. However, that doesn’t mean that the illness or injury has to own us, numb our mind or rob us of our life energy.

In the beginning… everything created had their own unique language which was in perfect sync with the origin… beings, animals, plants, food, water, planets, air, minerals, rocks, elements, numbers, and so on. That is until mankind altered the language to gratify their own perception.

While language has fragmented throughout time, the healing power of the original language has remained unchanged. No matter how mankind has re-threaded the original language of the body, its language, is the fabric to which our body heals itself and what gives flight to our wellness. “Our Daily Wings” journeys through the natural language of the body-mind-spirit system offering insight, personal care ideas, and intimate navigation towards embracing our inner healing power and higher language. 

We can triumph over illness and align, once again, with our natural well-being.

Many people want to feel better, think better or just “be” better. Yet they don’t know how to adjust their lifestyle to attain these requests. Since people are most comfortable when they receive ideas from those who have lived it, I put my own lifestyle practices to book revealing the many alternate pathways in obtaining whole being wellness.

People often question “Why can’t I find peace?… Why don’t I receive blessings?… Why don’t I have good health and feel good?” The answer is simple. When we clutter our mind with negative thought, judgment, and worry we aren’t going to feel good because we are focusing our brain on lack.

The natural law of the brain is to provide us the experiences that we put to thought. Therein, change the thought of lacking to beneficial gain and we magically change our results.

The key to well-being is retraining our brain to focus on recognizing what we do have and all things that are good rather than, what we don’t have and perceiving things as bad. It’s not as easy as it sounds though. It takes work and devotion to connect with the higher language of the brain.

This is why I have written “Our Daily Wings.” The practices within the book help to open the cocoon we have built around ourselves. When the practices are utilized daily, an automatic re-training of the brain takes place which reduces the mental struggle between the conformed brain (left hemisphere) and the creative mind (right hemisphere).

Now, since we do inhabit a material body, there will always be sickness and medical issues to deal with. However, that doesn’t mean that the illness or injury has to own us, numb our mind or rob us of our life energy. We have the full biological capability of owning our state of being. Whole being wellness begins with holistic practice and it ends with how we process illness or injury in our mind.

Sickness is a pain to deal with, but, if we use the language of the higher-mind the body then becomes our greatest messenger. The body always signals us when a particular environment is non-harmonic and opposing our wellness. When we crave overindulgence of that half-gallon chocolate sundae or alcoholic beverage the body signals us by that little voice reminding us we aren’t going to feel well after ingesting it.

The body always speaks warnings and confirmations to us. Our experiences, be it physical, mental or emotional are the result of a previously made decision. In this, our experiences are a result of ignoring the body’s signals. These inner signals are sent from the spirit-mind to the physical body notifying us that something is not in alignment with our mindedness.

Illness and injury are never who we are. We can make wellness our lifestyle instead!

We, each hold our own power when it comes to choosing our results and experiences. This also applies to our pets. To restore health and wellness it only takes a little intention and effort to do the work.

Our Daily Wings” helps us see that through wholesome daily practice our wellness possibilities are limitless. When some (or all) of the practices are implemented as a lifestyle, we naturally become intimately involved with ourselves. That intimacy provides our connectivity with our true being and whole wellness.

Being involved with ourselves is what activates the mind’s biological healing and recovery process within the body-mind-spirit system. Well-being is a unionized effort incorporating the wisdom of the body, mind, and spirit. Hence the term system.”

To help gain a deeper understanding of the symmetry the process unfolds like a magnetic wave, all waving together as one entity. The neurons of the brain receive and understand our thought as “will.” The inner mind accepts our confirmed choices and implements a response by sending the result (a signal or symptom) throughout the body-mind-spirit system. Here, our only duty is to follow up by implementing a physical action that supports beneficial wellness.

The mind unites with the body… the spirit unifies with the ethereal… and unity itself provides our consciousness the energy that makes well-being so. However, it is how we choose to view and understand our bodily communications that direct our result to well-being or illness. Illness is Not a way of Life, nor is it punishment. It is the body’s natural messenger merely asking us to awaken to our natural being.

Our body-mind-spirit system is a magnificent machine. It is perfectly entwined as one source miraculously designed to heal and repair itself. All it needs is a little help from us.

When we tend to our body recognizing it as “a processing system,” needing things which are beneficial to its natural design ~ clean foods, balanced energy sources, and a strong mental environment etc., then wellness follows with harmonious results.

First, we must awaken from our sleep and support the body with its natural resources. The next step is to communicate with our body by understanding its language ~ signals and/or symptoms. Then, simply act with beneficial practices that support well-being.

Our Daily Wings” shares a variety of concepts so we may learn how to fly beyond the horizon of disenchantment and soar with the miracles of wellness.