Books and Articles
Book Sentiments

* “Beautiful. Such a beautifully written story for children, teens, everyone. The imagery comes alive in your mind’s eye. Would make a wonderful movie!” Ref; Angels in the Woods.

* “A great reference book.
A mind opening read… Amazing! I find myself returning to the book as a reference guide.” T.H. – ref; The Stone Philosophies.

* “Every child will grow and learn from the lessons in this book. What a great story to teach an important lesson to children of all ages. Get this book for your children, grandchildren, neighborhood children and students.” Ref; Angels in the Woods.

* I found out you can’t read “Our Daily Wings” before bed.
The information gets you to thinking stays on your mind!” A.B.

* “My husband and I both read this wonderfully calm and beautifully written book for children. We both believe everyone would gain great insight from reading it. The book gives children a terrific sense of self-worth and an “I am me and I am okay” insight. Every parent should take the time and read along with their child, moments to be treasured forever. Every child is an earth angel and this book re-enforces this belief.” K.M. Ref; Angels in the Woods.

* “I Just finished enlightening responsibility.
I really need this right now. Bless you!!!” K.M

* “I am writing you a letter about your books because I have a book report to do and I love on how you did your book (angels in the woods) it is so powerful. I really enjoyed it really much. It is good to read I Love You Jennifer and I hope you could cut my hair again God bless you love Aaliyah. “Oh, and please write back and answer the questions as soon as possible. How did you feel like when writing a book? Was it tiring? Was it fun and did you have to do a lot of copies?” A.N., 10 years old.

* “Our family loves this book! Insightful and engaging for children and adults alike. It’s very insightful and teaches many important lessons to folks of all ages in a imaginative and fun way. Highly recommended! cl- Ref; Angels in the Woods.

* “I started reading “Our Daily Wings” but I had to put it down.
I have to read it when I’m Not drinking wine – because I need to remember this stuff!” L.A.

* “You are so nice to give me the angels in the woods book to help with foster kids.
It’s an amazing book and I loved your story. You are a really good writer. I’d like to make a donation so that you can print more and help other people. Really wonderful, wonderful book.” D.R.

* “I love the book, the way your write things – its so soothing and comforting.” C.M.

* “Aaliyah and I both love angels in the woods, it is a life and relationship transforming experience to share. Thank you so much.”

* “If everyone used this book it would completely change mankind… It saves people.: S.O – Ref; The Stone Philosophies.

* “You have helped me to see what I was too blind to see and too hurt to acknowledge.”

* “I’m letting go of my perceptions. I was finally able to see the truth. I’m so filled with joy and love after releasing a block that kept me a prisoner of my own creation.”

“Thank you, and the Divine for all of your love, guidance, and support. I am able to open myself up to love now.”

* “I find I have to read, re-read, absorb,
but I always arrive at an Aha moment.

* “Your work cuts both ways, as needed.
You kick me in gear while encouraging with your strength. You offer closure and you don’t make up sh*t just to pacify people.”

* “Challenged with some of your writings which have stayed with me for weeks –
I’ve digested, argued, disagreed, and agreed only to have the awakening anyway. I have learned so much.”

* “It is an honor to be part of all this.
I feel so right now and I am finally starting to feel at home in my own skin.”

* “You are so dedicated to helping everyone.
Be it an explanation or sending us on a quest, I always learn and become more knowledgeable.”

* “Your writings –
It’s like you are providing an ongoing workshop for us. Much appreciated.”*

* I firmly believe that if you can market your books to the right audience, they will fly off the shelf’s and then you will have to start traveling and giving talks. I have been reading the book and I’m about half way thru.  You are a very gifted writer. You have the ability to write about complex emotions and experiences and break it down in such a way that people can understand what is going on in order to make positive changes in their lives.  I think this is your mission in life.  J.Mc

* “Once again, I am inspired and amazed.
I cannot begin to explain how much I needed to hear this stuff you write about. Your unique format puts it all into perspective.”

* “I want to thank you so much for sharing your writings. I’ve been asking the Divine for months why I feel so depressed. I didn’t know what was going on with me – but I just got my answer. I cannot even begin to explain how much I needed to hear this. Your organized format puts it all into perspective. I can relate to so many of the stages as you have eloquently put them.”

* “I love the book, the way your write things –
its so soothing and comforting.” C.M.

* ” I read your writing all the time
and I must say they are very helpful. Lots of information for a novice like me to take in – but I love it!”

* “I have to say I don’t know what it is about you but when I read your articles and the replies I feel I know it’s yours before I get to the bottom to see who wrote it it must be your way of writing with words which are touching.”

* “I love reading your writings.
I find I have to read, reread and absorb and reread again and then I have the aha moment. I have also been challenged with some of your articles, and they have stayed with me for days, and weeks, and as I’ve digested the info I argued, disagreed, agreed, and again arrived at the aha moment ha. I have learned so much from you.”

* “You are so informative. I must say you are very gifted, it is quite obvious. I am very drawn to your writings keep up the good work.” (C.)

* “Sometimes I am in awe of the things that you write
and of your knowledge, support and guidance for us. I am especially thankful for you because I am stronger because of your gentle guidance and love.”

* “So much truth and beauty. Well said. You have beautifully written what so many of us feel.”

* “As always you manage to say the right thing at the right time. Thank you again for all the clarity you give me.”

* ” I read your articles all the time and I must say they are very helpful. Lots of information for a novice like me to take in but I love it thanks again.”

* “Your timing couldn’t be more perfect
. I was too shy to share a Feeling and this article helped.” (JW)

* “All of your articles are very informative.
You are a gifted writer. You help a lot of people and from my own experience you have certainly help to me.” (c.m.)

* “You must be on our wavelength with this great article!”

* “Your video gave me perfect chills and tears all over the place
. I have so much to be thankful for and i’m feeling better than ever. Thank you Jen.”

* “Beautiful article as always (T)

* “Your article is so well informed
that I had to comment. I’m always amazed at people who just delve into the supernatural. Many people out there who speak of ability do a disservice by not speaking of the negative side of things so blessings to you for pointing it out to people.”

* “How did I ever miss this big giant thread
I have read almost all of the posts and this is amazing stuff.”

* “Thank you for sharing this article.
Like others, I felt you were posting it directly to me. It is nice to know that I am not alone.” 

* “This article it is full of great information.”  (LS)

* “I feel like every time you write something
like this its as though you are talking to me. I guess a lot of people feel that way thank you so much for all the great info you send to us.”

* “I love reading the divine messages I am inspired.
You are truly one of the most beautiful souls that I know.”

* “I was reading looking for answers and found what you wrote
about abilities and signs. You are one person who I can follow instead of getting so many view points from everyone.” d.

* “Awesome article
and its speaks so much about how I am feeling inside.”

* “I really needed that article. It feels great to be able to connect everything that I am feeling and experiencing to my beliefs as a Christian. The dogma of religion has really done a number on my spirituality. I also know that these metaphysical things have a very real place in the world it bothers me that some of my church family members do not see it. I just wanted to thank you again for helping me to make the connection.”

* “Wow. So beautifully written.
Your response is filled with love and truth. It gave me chills. I love it and thanks so much for your inspiration.”

* “You manage to say the right thing at the right time
thank you again for all the clarity you give me.”

* “As I was reading what you wrote a wave of relief came over me and I’m feeling much better now. I printed it out and have already read it and reread it. It was perfect. I thank you again. I can’t even begin to tell you how much this is meant to me. You brought me out of a bad place and I so needed to hear those things. You are amazing, wonderful and truly gifted.” (lw)

* “I heard of you from someone who read your writings. I heard that you were quite good. Thank you.” (LJ)

* “You have so much insight. There are a lot of new people with a need for answers about protection cleansing and anything really that you have to say. You always have thought provoking and informative articles. I hope you save them if not I’m going to start saving them all for you! Thank you Jen, you are awesome.”

* “Beautiful and eloquently said.” (T)

* “A woman of action, having an interesting mix of action and mellow/karma. Great combination. You are an original. Take this the right way but you are from another planet, era or time. Maybe a time traveler.

Holistic work sentiments

* “My dog is better. What you did was of tremendous help. She acted like nothing had happened by the time I closed the shop. I was going to throw ER for an x-ray but held off. She felt good enough to chase our squirrels this morning. I send huge gratitude!!!”K.M.

* “You know what people need before they even ask.
I feel you will be honest with me and my insecurities stay private. You are there when we can’t talk to anyone else about deep subjects.

* That’s some awesome sh*t!
I’ve been using the love blend oil you made Hahahaha, and I did NOT get 5 hrs of sleep last night! Just letting you know. You should call that stuff love potion #9!!!

* “I still remember the first time Emily told me about you
and we started coming to you. You have seen our boys from toddler Hood and two teenage years and college even. I love your spirit and soul. You have a great presence that simply makes us feel relaxed and cared for. Thank you for your wonderful skills, your commitment to animals and this Earth, and your love and friendship through the years. we love you. H.J.and family.”

* “Like I’ve said for all these years, you are a scary fairy. To me you are as a spiritual warrior. When you do spiritual work your a warrior that when something is in your way you defend and defeat it. To me your a scary fairy warrior .. you defeat, do your magic and defend the weak. I know it might not help much but you do a lot more than those I know, all in one… scary fairy warrior spiritual healer.” Lupe Salazar

* “You are blessed with a gift. I can just feel the joy you have by sharing it with everyone. It is the same thing as if you bought someone a gift and you just can’t wait to see their faces when they open it.

* “Mom totally loved the sacred herbs that you prepared for her. She held it for a long time breathing it in and it really gave her a comfort. I told her they came from the magical woman of the forest who walks close to Earth. You bring the wisdom of the mountain into your divinely-guided products and we are so grateful to you. She wanted me to be sure to thank you and I thank you for all your help and Sage advice. Big hugs of gratitude from me and Mom… Mom passed to the great beyond last night. She loved, loved, loved, the sacred herbs you made for her so much that she held them for many hours before she passed. They always gave her comfort. I will be combining them with her ashes as she told me so many times how much she appreciated them and how special you are for making them for her.”

* “Blessed as such a pure and loving spirit, helping others the way you do. I only hope you realize the difference you make in others lives. You have helped me and so many others see and understand what may have taken us the rest of our lives to even try to comprehend. Thank you for writing and sharing so much, allowing others to reach understanding and grow.”

* “Congratulations on your blessed work that you have received great writings.
I really enjoy reading them they bring me so much insight and peace to my life keep up the great work.” B.

* “I had watched
what a wonderful thing you were doing for people with no regard for any enrichment on your part. Your gift is priceless. Amazing.”

* “Your wisdom is an inspiration to all.

* “You are always an inspiration and a teacher to me.”

* “The messages you share have left me inspired.
It is such a blessing to direct the light into others lives from a being who is of the highest good.

* “Once again have guided me to what I needed to see things happen for a reason and I’m glad you are part of my journey.

* “Your readings are phenomenal. Awesome.”

* “I shed tears of compassion
for all the suffering you have endured and tears of joy for all that you have triumphed. Your story has touched me deeply and inspires me more than words can express in writing. I am completely in awe of your strength and for bravely stepping out to tell others your personal story that will touch so many lives as it did mine. When I asked about your personal story I never expected such a candid response you are a true Sagittarius. Knowing your story makes all the difference in my connection to you and I see you through new eyes. I now understand the person behind all the beautiful teachings and writings. My sister I am so very proud of you – the light is in you and around you my friend. Thank you thank you for sharing.” CM

* “You have helped me with my confidence
about doing readings you had me read for you and boy was I nervous but I did it though and you work please and I have gone on to do more.” (lbs)

* “You help so many learn about their abilities.
You handle and answer situations perfectly.”

* “It is amazing how fast Spirit can work
at times stay alert with fast growth comes surprises.”

* “Your timing was incredible as usual and I really needed to see it at that time. I was communing with spirits that day over some issues and had not received a message back until they woke me at 2 a.m. to read your message so thank you for being the postman.”

* “Her core energy is pure
and when you actually converse with her you can feel that truth.”


* “Thank you so much for your friendship and being our mentor
since I’ve known you. I always turn to you for guidance and healing oils and lotions. I use it all every day.” (A.N.)

* “You are like the websites little guardian angel that pops in here and there giving support, love, and advice to so many that need it. “I would like to thank you for all your love and support. I hope there’s someone out there looking after you lots of love.” (K)

* Thank you for your very kind words and explaining
fully what my messages is about.  I understand what your guides are portraying to me. It all makes sense to me. It is exactly what I needed to hear. You are a very special person to take the time to do this for us who are in need.”

* “Wow you are amazing and very much and demand.
It must be draining at times.”

* “Thank you –
You are channeling a lot of things about things that I’ve been thinking about its amazing. Thank you. God bless.”

* “I love hearing your input. 
You are a beautiful soul. Thank you for sharing your gift and the blessings you wish on us all.”

* Very cool stuff.
Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me and explain things.”

* Wow! After reading
about the re-connection and then re-reading the messages I have huge Goosebumps.”

* “I tossed the stones as soon
as I realized as you said, that it was not a positive connection for me. You are so right to say that we must follow our gut instinct.”
“Thanks for the message from Spirit. I have been doing as you said, writing stuff that has been there for years that I haven’t thought about. All I can say is WOW! I am eternally grateful because I would have never thought to write about it and never thought about it until I brought it forth – Thanks again.” (jld)

* “Curiosity made me check out your website.
Just looking at the first page and all of the readings you do –  I’m pooped! You are one special lady to be doing all this.”

* “I want to thank you
from the bottom of my heart for all of your love and kindness.”

* “Dang Jen
you never cease to amaze me! I have felt this way but was unsure whether I was headed in the right direction. You just confirmed what I felt. Thank you.”

* “Awe and gratitude pours
from me for you and those that channel through you.”(T)

* “I enjoy sharing with you.
You are such an awesome person. It makes learning so much more interesting. Your reading/channeled message is truly a gift. I love the way you deciphered the channeled message line by line.” (ds)

* “I still wait for a reading
from you and I’m very excited for others who have received one. I think you are an incredible person. ” (CLW)

* I think your gift is extraordinary
and I am so excited that you share this so freely with others. I am waiting anxiously for my reading from you as the messages and comfort that you provide are so wonderful. You are truly blessed.” (dg)

* “I would love to learn more from you
and have discussions together as I am interested in your knowledge.” (bh)

* “Amazing.
Seems you have more than one gift hear you definitely have to be a multi-tasker! What you write is so interesting to read.” (jb)

* “You know what people need even before they ask. I feel you will be honest with me and my insecurities stay here. There’s nobody else I can talk to about this.” (E)

* “From the beginning I felt I could talk to you.
You made me feel accepted and so willing to listen. So much positive comes from you and you are always kind.”

* “Thank you again for all the you share and do for the people on this website.
Please let me know if you would like me to hold your hand too.” (L.)

* Thanks for documenting
your process of clearing. Most of all thanks for the reminder that this is what I should be doing now and not procrastinating!

* “Your gifts are truly remarkable.
It’s always a pleasure to see people using their gift from God for good. You, and others like you, are true saints reaching out to help us in need. Keep doing the work you do. There are so many of us out there that need this help.” (J)

* “Your growth and energy is amazing girl!” (J)

* “God’s most precious blessings to you my friend.
I don’t know how to begin to thank you. I am so deeply touched that I am typing with tears, the emotion is so deep. (JB)