The Breath of Spirit Mindfulness Program

The Worldly Focus

As a gift of empowerment and life self-enhancement, The Breath of Spirit book’s worldly focus is a Non-profit mission focused on mass printing of the books for those who are living with trauma and in negative environments such as; abuse shelters, the homeless, children’s centers, and the affiliations mentioned below.


If you would like to help donate funds for printing or help with the distribution, we appreciate your kindness. Please contact Jennifer at



There is a wave of positive intention sweeping the world. This is due to a vast number of factors. Most of all, many people have had enough of living a life of destruction, drama, and negatively driven mindset. They are seeking the other side, the pathway to inner peace, acceptance and overall harmony. I have found that anything having to do with self-enhancement, inspiration, personal transformation, and the afterlife supports mass interest.

The consciousness of mankind is basically geared towards the desire for inner peace, balance, enhancement, and betterment of the individual, and the world. There is also a deep natural inner draw to the unknown and unseen, the strange and unexplained. It is just in our nature to seek self-help, spirituality, and paranormal related interest especially when one’s mindset become increasingly negative and chaotic.

I am a hair designer by profession and communicate with people on a deeply personal level. I find that 98 percent of my clientele’s interest revolves around every subject that the books discuss. Within my purpose as a holistic consultant, I have witnessed a vast interest with various people around the world who seek to connect, understand, and come to know their own way, their own self and their own contribution to the world itself. Sadly, there are so many people harboring traumatic emotions and memories that restrict them from connecting to any form of peace and harmony, be it here on Earth or in the Afterlife.

People, by nature, want to attain balance and peacefulness within themselves and their environments. They want to see the lighter, mystical side of their experiences and avoid the non-serving negative aspects that plague society. People want to see more, know more, and “Be” more.

People of all types, worldwide, are awakening to their inner senses, intuitive ability and seeking to feel balanced and whole. Even those who are not necessarily aware. People seek, crave and desire to embrace blessings. Many people recognize that our world is a synchronized, interconnected universe. They now want to attain their own connectivity and abilities and fulfill their part. More now than ever before, people want to unite. Even if it is only to make sense of their own life experiences.

People naturally want to understand why they are here, and what their life purpose may be. They seek a genuine personal relationship with their own wisdom, goodness, blessings, and benevolence. In this, they seek those who have already lived the experience and gained the wisdom.

The Breath of Spirit books reveal the pathways to all of these thoughts And the tools that can help one seek their own answers to these questions. Anyone who has ever endured negative emotion, restrictions, self-undoing or upsetting life experiences will find expansive levels of personal benefit.

Spirit is the inner nature within all life that feeds one’s entire essence and the desire to become free and represent the best part of our being. Self-help is synonymous with the spirit. The spiritual wisdom contained within The Breath of Spirit books are catalyzed by way of energetic metamorphosis. I typically write about how to use the powers within the body, mind and spirit. The subjects I focus on encompass whole being, past, present, future, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, consciousness, universal, scientific, and ethereal areas.

Clinical note. The Breath of Spirit books are geared towards healing, restorative therapy through traumatic situations and overall personal enhancement helping one reclaim their own identity. The books are a magnificent tool for therapists and mental health physicians to use in their program sessions.

The Breath of Spirit books offer relief and the ability for one to understand and embrace their true power to attain limitless whole being wellness.