The Breath of Spirit Mindfulness Program

Self-help is synonymous with the spirit. Spirit is the INNER nature within all life that feeds one’s entire essence. Catalyzed with energetic metamorphosis, I write about how to use the powers within the body, mind, and spirit and focus on unifying the whole being, past, present, future, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, consciousness, universal, scientific, and ethereal areas.  

The Worldly Focus is a non-profit mindfulness program supporting anonymous distribution of “The Breath of Spirit” Books”, self-help books written by Jennifer Bryant AKA Mahala Crow. The core focus is to promote mass printing of the books for distribution to those in need at no charge. Caring friends then join to deliver the books to various places of hardship such as shelters, the homeless, the abused, and areas below mentioned.  

* Group therapy facilities

* Rehabilitation programs

* Professionals in wellness fields

* Parents, Care-givers, and Fostering

* Intervention programs

* The Homeless and Homeless shelters

* Unemployment and Welfare facilities

* Military and Veterans services

* Prison programs

* Hospice and Terminal related groups

* Assisted Living Caregivers

* Group home centers

* Funeral Homes and death related situations

* Spiritual enhancement centers

* Religions affiliations

* Stress related programs

* Employee motivational programs

* School programs; High school grads and college students

* Psychological centers and Counselors

* Pet Care, Humane Societies, and animal treatment centers

* Creative persons, sciences, philosophy, entertainment specialists, writers and anyone who seeks to unite with their own unique purpose and genuine self.  

If you would like to help donate funds for printing or help with the distribution, your generosity is greatly appreciated. All book purchases go toward supporting “The Breath of Spirit Mindfulness Program”  a non-profit organization # 82-3007049.

The “Worldly focus” is my gift, legacy, and purpose in bringing forth the divine human which is steeped in raising the consciousness of people worldwide so they may learn how to set themselves free from mental negativity, self-undoing, and emotional hardship. One comment from a reader initiated the concept for this program. Her comment was… If everyone used this book it would completely change mankind… It saves people” which is my core focus… helping people learn how to save themselves, from themselves.  

There is a wave of positive intention sweeping the world. This is due to a vast number of factors. Most of all, many people have had enough of living a life of destruction, drama, and the negatively driven mindset. They are seeking the other side of inner peace, acceptance and overall harmony. I have found that anything having to do with self-enhancement, inspiration, personal transformation, and the afterlife not only supports mass interest, but also, mass transformation. Just imagine how amazing life would be if everyone in your town led with the higher, balanced mind?!  

The consciousness of mankind is driven to desire, need and attain inner peace, balance, harmony, and betterment of the individual, and the world. There is also a deep natural inner draw to the unknown and unseen, the strange, and unexplained. It’s just in our nature to seek self-help, spirituality, and metaphysical related connections, especially when one’s mindset become increasingly fragmented, negative, and chaotic.

As a hair designer by profession, I communicate with people from all over the world on a deeply intimate level in all areas of the psyche. The subjects I write about in my books support 98 percent of my clientele’s interest. As a holistic consultant, I have witnessed a deep and vast interest in people wanting and needing to find their own way, know their own self, and contribute their living purpose unto the world. Yet, there are so many people harboring traumatic emotions and negative thought which restrict them from this desire to connect with themselves. This is where “The Breath of Spirit” books help, by speaking to the individual directly.  

People, by nature, want to attain balance and peacefulness within themselves and their environments. They want to see the lighter, mystical side of their experiences and avoid the non-serving negative aspects that plague society. People want to get out of the box, ascend dogma, see more, know more, and “Be” more. They want to awaken to their inner senses, intuitive abilities, and embrace their super-natural spirit. Even those who are not necessarily aware. People seek, crave and desire to embrace miracles, blessings, and their synchronized existence. Now, more than ever before, people want to unite and understand why they are here, and what their life purpose may be. Even if it is only to make sense of their own life experiences. They want to fulfill their spirits purpose and leave a positive legacy. All “Breath of Spirit” books offer the tools and guidance to attain these requests and will find infinite levels of personal benefit.  

Clinical note. The Breath of Spirit books are geared towards healing, restoring the mind, and overall personal enhancement helping one reclaim their own identity and unique power to experience life with limitless wellness. The books are based on my own experiences through mindful ascension and to be used as an accompaniment with a licensed medical counselor or physician.