“The Stone Philosophies” Workbook

Heal the Body ~ Balance the Mind ~ Restore the Spirit.

Following a near death, out-of-body experience, Spirit led Jennifer through a rigorous, 13 year mindful ascension process. “The Stone Philosophies” guide seekers through the same processes, helping to transmute the chaos of the mind into the magic elixir of well-being.

Are you tired of carrying the weight of unhealthy thoughts in your mind?
Do you want to feel better, think better or just “be” better?
If so, then allow “The Stone Philosophies” to speak and re-awaken the power of free-will and intuitive wisdom that already dwells so perfectly within you.

As, unorthodox and controversial as it may be, the mind-blowing concepts, basic moral practices, and metaphysical messages within the book, are the pathways to bringing more of the genuine inner self to the surface. The content offers readers personalized candid discussions, self-help practices, and thought provoking messages from Spirit guides, to assist in re-awakening the magical gifts that dwell within you.

Whether you receive one word, one AHA moment, or the entire book changes your life, by the end of the book, you will not be the same thinking person you were when you opened it.

Join Jennifer in setting free the chaos of the mind and embrace yourself as the gift you really are… a spirit with great purpose.