“Whitening the Stones of the Mind” Guidebook

Heal the Body ~ Balance the Mind ~ Restore the Spirit.

If you are tired of carrying the weight of your mind or being someone you are not then, it’s time to embrace the greatest gifts that dwell within you… the principles of who you really are.

“Whitening the Stones of the Mind” is an intimate self-help ascension guide weaving healing power through the use of practices, discussions, creative activities, and messages from Spirit Guides.

As unorthodox and controversial as it may be the content is catalyzed to re-unite the internal being with the external person. By the end of the book, you will not be the same thinking person you were when you opened it.

Take a step upon the first stone to polish and brighten the mind with the philosophies of wisdom, intuition, and spiritual connectivity that already dwells so perfectly within you.

One of you is functioning
there is another “you” within, waiting to emerge.



~ “You have helped me to see what I was too blind to see and to hurt to acknowledge. “I’m letting go of my perceptions. I was finally able to see the truth.

~ “I’m so filled with joy and love after releasing a block that kept me a prisoner of my own creation.”Thank you, and the Divine for all of your love, guidance, and support. I am able to open myself up to love now.

~ “I find I have to read, re-read, absorb, but I always arrive at an Aha moment.

~ “Your work cuts both ways, as needed. You kick me in gear while encouraging with your strength and you offer closure without making up sh*t just to pacify people.

~ “Challenged with some of your writings which have stayed with me for weeks – I’ve digested, argued, disagreed, and agreed only to have the awakening anyway. I have learned so much.

~ This book is a new spiritual resource. If everyone used this book it would completely change mankind. It saves people.

~ “It is an honor to be part of this. I feel so right now and I am finally starting to feel at home in my own skin.

~ “A great Reference Book. A mind opening read..amazing! I find myself returning to this book as a reference guide.

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Chapter One  Enlightenment ~ Responsibility and Accountability

Re-awakening Message with Archangel Gabreal


Enlightening Responsibility

Accountability Message with Spirit Guide Levolita

Illuminating Truth

Illuminating Negativity

Illuminating Love

Love That Inner Child


Daily Journaling


Charge Words

The Opposition

Induced Stress

De-stress Your Distress with Archangel Ariel

Emotional Harmony


Chapter Two ~ Rejuvenation ~ The Power of Energy

Empowering Energy with Archangel Michael

Non-Serving Energy

Viewing Energy

Communicating Energy with Egyptian Goddess Hathor

Expressing and Moving Energy

Energy Moves



Self Balance

Detrimental Thought

Yes and No Influences


Healing Worries

Releasing Death


Chapter Three ~ The Elixir ~ Re-awakening the Spirit

Elixir Message with Light Guide Sheila

Breaking Hell

Forgetting Hell

Remembering the Spirit of Heaven

Your Mirror

Great Darkness

Light Vs. Dark

Higher Thinking

Forgive Me

In the Labyrinth

Heebie Jeebies

Web of Life

The Gift

Lakai Prophecy

Lakai Practice

Harmony Message with Charlize Keeper of the Sky Spirit

Harmonic Life Suggestions

The Light Re-awakens the Spirit

Further Discussion

Our true journey begins – when we re-awaken to the power within our selves.

That power is accessed by simple desire to heal ourselves from the conditions that we and/or society has placed upon us. It is when we utilize our power of will “for” ourselves rather than against ourselves – we begin to feel better, think better, and ultimately become better. It is and always has been solely up to us as an individual to cleanse and whiten the stones that have been laid upon our paths.

Think for a moment, about how it feels inside when you experience that moment of “seeing the light at the end of the tunnel” – that split moment of awe or relief that releases you from concern. That is the momentous impulse where our inner self – becomes restored with new vision. That is where the journey of life and all of our experiences are directing us… evolving us… to re-awaken to our the impulse of our soul’s essence so that our best self can become available to the world as a whole. It is in this moment that we truly become enlightened, responsible, and accountable for our own existence.

When we speak of enlightenment, responsibility, and accountability we speak of not just actions but most importantly our thoughts. In order to become enlightened, responsible and accountable ourselves and things in life – we must connect with the thoughts and impulse of our heart (aka soul-mind). People have been taught to do good things or say pleasant words to others just because its a good thing to do or say – but there is no true heartfelt thought behind their actions. There is no individualized thought behind their words. This is why many people have become quite robotic, cliche and impersonal. When people allow their behavior to dwell in this manner they naturally become irresponsible and unaccountable for their own existence.

Now, the other side of that spectrum within creations matrix of identities is when one entraps themselves within their ego. Here, enlightenment, responsibility, and accountability become disregarded due to fear and escapism, truth and acceptance of the real self. These two factors of being are what we must address and transform into gold before we can become enlightened, responsible and accountable beings. “Genuine heart thought – brought into existence through our actions” – is the essence of our soul. It is what offers us the capability to exist as the great being that we are – And it is the desire for enlightenment that unite the dual natures of the human being; inner and outer. This is life and this is what responsibility and accountability re-awaken.

When we involve ourselves in understanding new information we naturally unite the dimensions of our intelligence(s). It is then that we spawn and seed new pathways. Each bit of new information sparks a new energetic (electrical) pathway in the brain thereby, invoking a natural balance of neurological harmony. This little spark of energy has the ability to annihilate the perpetual feeling of imbalance and disharmony.

Think back to a moment when your body didn’t feel like going somewhere or doing a chore but your mind accepted that “you had to” because you feel obligated. Yet, your inner self (Spirit/intuition) was guiding you to “Not to” because your body needed the time to relax? That division within the self is referred to as inner disagreement and the very definition of… “the human condition.”

Now, no one escapes these lessons in life. Every single human has been the product of societal training. But, the greatest gift of all; free will allows us the opportunity to re-train the points that are not flowing in harmony within ourselves. Many of our life experiences are unpleasant and often traumatic. Thanks to higher intelligence (ascending consciousness) we are not ever required to stay in an unpleasant, traumatized state of mind.

Take a moment to think back to an upsetting experience that you had endured. Notice how that experience morphed, transformed and changed while it was on your plate to deal with. The experience itself only lasts for a short time and disappears. However, the unpleasant or traumatic thought that you accepted in your mental thought hung around much longer. Recognize that even if slight, your initial thoughts about the experience had evolved and your feelings have changed.

When we can take an experience, bring it to a better thought, and use it to enlighten ourselves and others – it is then that we evolve. Life is going to make us ascend and evolve anyway. Everything evolves. Everything changes and everything reveals the miracle of life when we exist in unity with our own body, mind, and Spirit system. In every life experience, thought, feeling, and perception we evolve.

We are continuously swaying from professor to student, again and again, because that is the platform of creation itself. Life is not designed to be perpetual and monotonous and our living experiences are not to be labeled as the good, bad, positive or negative etc. Life is a mystical stage set “for us” to reveal the intelligence of our most magnificent beingness. Having curiosity for all that is unknown coupled with learning about yourself, both higher and lower is the key to how we play our part genuinely. Responsibility and accountability raise the curtain.

By natural design, you are the philosopher – And – your own elixir.

To become illuminated – one must first reveal to themselves, that which is kept in darkness.

 Sample Pages

Enlightening Responsibility and Accountability

To reveal the true self means to reveal all aspects of the self. This includes the good, bad, ugly, light and darkness within – not just the good-deed fluffy parts! If you think about it, just doing good deeds doesn’t really express who we are. Unless one holds themselves responsible and accountable, those good deed, fluffy things, are just mindless actions. So if we desire to ever ascend the human condition and become comfortable in our own skin – we must first become responsible for ourselves as an enlightened individual.

Responsibility introduces us to our person as an idea of one’s individual responsibility, not our responsibility to the world but rather all that relates to ourselves. Are you really responsible for your being? Do you ever hold yourself accountable for the things that you say and do? In this chapter, we learn the differences between these and responsibility at the personal level. We reveal the answers to those two questions.

When we boil everything down to a core, responsibility involves enlightenment. It involves having a personal relationship with yourself so that you can become enlightened. Think about it for a minute. No one else can enlighten you. Others may provide you with enlightening information of course, but it is your responsibility to become enlightened. Enlightenment doesn’t exist without you and you don’t shine without enlightenment.

So let’s begin by opening our awareness to the first process of enlightenment by introducing the higher meaning of the words when they are defined via the Spirit. Accountability is defined as one being liable for enlightening themselves to their own facts and own conditions. Responsibility is defined as one’s duty towards enlightening themselves with personal power in the scope of dealing with their own actions, decisions, and opportunities. Personal power is the base of our identity and our starting point in learning to recognize the opportunity of becoming personally responsible for our own facts and conditions. We become accountable for projecting beneficial actions, decisions, and opportunities.

Often times, it appears as if our life experiences are an element of attack or surprise leaping out at us unsuspectingly. Within the reality of the higher mind, those moments have been awaiting their time with you for quite a while. They have been given existence by all that you have thought and perceived about yourself along with the emotions that you have allowed to dwell within you.

No matter how harsh and unbearable life experiences appear, they are all merely brief moments in time having a personal purpose to reveal. That purpose is very personal. Life experiences are moments offering us the opportunity to choose a level of responsibility that reflects our being. Negative moments ask us to opt-in, to understand the facts and enlighten ourselves with beneficial conditions so that we may experience an intimate relationship that is in sync with our brain and higher mind. Each moment, beneficial or not, is a calling out for us to awaken and look deeper inside of ourselves so that we may generate a result that benefits overall harmony.

This task asks us to reawaken and re-empower our most beneficial responses to reflect what we truly want to be returned to us, not just for our own well-being but also for the well-being of the other lives around us (human, animal, plant etc). We are not the only thing living in this world. Everything that we do and experience affects everyone and everything else similarly. Hence, the need for individual responsibility. It is then that we stand evolved as the responsible being that we were born to be.

Take a moment to meditate upon this concept, “My level of responsibility is the direct result of the conditions and events that take place within my mind”. Now, ponder this statement while thinking about your life situations and how those events and conditions may be attributed to or arising from your level of personal responsibility and/or lack thereof. Remember, it is not what you are responsible and accountable for in life – it’s that you are responsible and accountable for your “own Being.”

When we enlighten ourselves honor rises into our understanding. It is then that those negative situations and conditions of our life begin to change. Being responsible also goes hand in hand with being accountable for our existence, not only being accountable for personal choice – but also our mindful understanding.

There is nothing, no experience, no situation, no thought, no feeling nor emotion that is ever about anyone or anything else other than “you”. It is you who is actually having the experience. Every life experience is yours and every experience is “for” you. Each experience offers you the opportunity to become accountable simply by expanding your mental capacity. When we process information with expanded view we become involved with our true presence. We are then able to live life with intelligent purpose and manifest great moments of experience.

Really! Think about this. If you are not going to think for yourself and allow everyone else to govern your life for you then you are actually disregarding your own existence. How can you understand your being and the impact that your presence makes on others and the world – if you are not using your own mind? What we involve our mind with is our direct link to our experiences. Thereby, if we have inexact thoughts then we will have inexact experiences – and visa versa.

“While cause and effect shape the human, it is one’s idea that forms their being”

It truly is a mystical process of awakening when you think about the possibilities and blessings of being able to think for ourselves, to choose our own thoughts, actions, reactions, and ultimately our endings and beginnings! How amazing is it that we function in an existence that supports simultaneous exchange between multiple mindedness to direct an outcome! And what an amazing gift is it, that we are our own boomerang, receiving back exactly what we put out! These are the miracles of the mind that help enlighten us.

To help us reflect upon accountability I share a message received by Spirit Guide Levololita.

“We heal, clear, and correct the boundaries.

We set forth this vision for all to see, within their mind’s eye.

See this.

Visualize and imagine that you are walking down a road in the dusk of evening.

You are alone walking to the store.

While walking you see and are drawn to a large stone.

You admire its beauty and think you would like the stone to take home with you

But you think, and do not want to carry its weight to and fro.

But it calls to you.

And so as you are led, you stop and pick up the stone.

Walking along still, admiring it in your hand, wondering.

Until a stranger appears and tries to harm you.

In this very moment, it becomes your responsibility to fight to resist harm

or surrender to the stranger’s way.

So you choose to fight as you hurl the large stone at the stranger hitting him/her in the face.

The stranger then halts in time as he/she is thrown aback

allowing you the moment in time to escape the environment.

This is your individual accountability; as you chose to walk alone

And this is your personal responsibility; to follow through as you were led to pick up the stone.

For you did not know what the future held, yet the all-seeing does.

You could have just as easily left the stone where it laid,

judging it to be too heavy to carry, or unnecessary,

or at least – so you thought.

Being within the earthen environment makes for all things unknown

And all things awaiting you are already unfolding.

You are unaware of ALL of it yet, able to serve greatly as led – in any unknown future events.

One must be responsible and accountable for their choices and intuitions.

As you see clearly now your choice to be accountable and responsible are both necessary and required.

And even more so, No one can rightly blame the stranger for the event taking place because it may be all that he knows And; no one can blame the walker for it is his/her free will to walk.

But the stone is accountable for offering one the opportunity

to stand accountable and responsible”

Take a moment to think deeply about this message and feel the full power of what it truly means to be responsible and accountable for each opportunity that you experience. There are many unknown aspects of life projecting miracles every day – so if we are unable to take responsibility for the various depths of our own choices, how can we rightfully expect a greater outcome, truth or miracles to be our result?

As Levololita has revealed, while each of us must experience the journey of inner awakening individually, we are not ever experiencing this journey alone. There will be many people, Spirit guides, animals, and experiences that will emerge as you walk along your life path to help illuminate truth and deepen our higher understanding and connectivity with our beingness. It is the invisible miraculous design unfolding before us that brings us to our own truths.


Re-awakening your Spirit is the elixir of the soul that flows within you. It is the only awareness you need to become comfortable in your own skin and enjoy an amazing life.

Life’s beauty is based on intelligence. It requires intelligence in order to receive its greatness and our own magical state of being. Awakening to the magic within ourselves is what involves us with life and allows us the one thing every living thing seeks to dwell in beauty, balance, and harmony.

Meditate upon this statement for a moment… “Life has always made the ego mind the one to transform and evolve because the spiritual mind is already perfect.”

The personality and perception are what life requires us to ascend – not the other way around. The Spirit, or soul, remains unchanged as it is already ascended, beautiful, balanced, and harmonized with perfect wonder.

“Our true living power is when we become filled with wonder”

When we experience life with eyes that see possibility and opportunity and we expand that vision into what is wonderful about the experience, we walk ourselves into a new world. We accept the ego mind as the one needing transformation and use its functionality to serve in the higher mind. It is then, that you begin to reach deeper inside, grasping hold of the intelligence to provide your life with genuine meaning.


Breaking Hell

“Hell is not a place. It is merely a chosen space within the confines of your mind”

Involving the mind with negatively based knowledge, thoughts, and emotions create our own hell. When we nourish ourselves and act in accordance with selfishness and the divided mind we tell the brain that these are the things that we want and believe in. Similarly, when we nourish our minds with balance and higher good, we tell our brain that we are interested in receiving the sweetness of life, peace, and beauty within us that the higher mind offers. Our brain is designed to support our focus. That is where we direct ourselves both here and in the afterlife.

The reason that we silly little humans have such a challenging time drawing out the sweetness of life and the beauty within ourselves is because we don’t involve ourselves with the things that actually matter to the being to attain a wonderful life. We devote entirely too much of our time and focus on negative thought, emotional attachment and the perception of loss. If you add into this mix the conformity to society then where else would one dwell but in their own hell? We should rather devote our time and energy towards the greatest power of all, the higher choice – simply because we can.

“While our brain provides us the information we need to function

it is our consciousness that directs us to where we are going”

The mind functions by images of thought and it responds to our ideas and what we imagine. All of its parts together are a creative genius at work. With its mass processes and evolving states of intelligence, it supports both conditional and unconditional states of being. Thereby, there is no way that our human understanding can grasp the completeness of its mystery. We only have the ability to understand that we are unable to retain all intelligence in its entirety and expand beyond what we can retain.

Both heavenly thought and hellish thought benefit the whole. They both vibrate with great purpose in their creation. Both thought processes evolve life by generating balance that leads us to our higher mind.

If a person is willing themselves to think in terms of hellish thought and focus, such as placing their intentions towards fear, hate, jealousy, anger, resentment, violence and all the other harmful concepts that support this primitive mindset then, the brain will follow suit and take you there.

The same applies to heavenly thought and focus such as love, compassion, understanding, condition, unity, peace, freedom, passion and joy. But here in the heavenly minded, the brain and the inner mind merge and higher consciousness is then reawakened to lead you to what you know.

“If you want to dwell in the consciousness of heaven..

then get out of your own way – And Stop creating Hell”

To reveal what moving out of your own way means I will share a spiritual experience where I was taken on a journey vision of what Hell is. In an out of body experience, I was escorted by the source into a vast and dimly illuminated quiet space.

I was admiring the space and remembering that this was the afterlife that I had experienced before. I was, however, curious as to why the source brought me there. As I thought this I could sense an uneasiness begin to fill the environment. This was not what I had experienced before.

As I began to question (telepathically) why we were there, the source sent “You want to know? -go to the edge and see”. So I did. I didn’t know what I wanted to know but figured I must have thought about it at some point – so I went to the edge sensing that it would be revealed. Now, I have had so many beautiful experiences with the divine source and figured this would be no different – but Nah, I figured wrongly…

We are spiritual consciousness as we take our first breath into this world.

We are the higher intelligence as we take our last breath out of this world.

Why should we make the middle any different?…